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The Viewpoint of Nurses about Professional Relationship between Nurses and Physicians (63843 Views)
The Impact of Sodium and Ultrafiltration Profiling on ‌Hemodialysis - Related Complications (52952 Views)
A Comparative Study of Quality of Life ( QOL) Among Patients with Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis (51645 Views)
Opposite-Sex Classmate: Facilitator and Barrier to Learning (49835 Views)
Nursing Students’ Anxiety in Times of Confronting With Mentally Ill Patients (44959 Views)
Mental Health Status of Pregnant Women Referring to Shahinshahr Health Care Centers (44624 Views)
Comparison of Nurses’ Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in Intensive Care and General Wards of Golestan University of Medical Sciences (44331 Views)
The Effect of the Presence of an Attendant on Anxiety and Labor Pain of Primiparae Referring to Hajar Hospital in Shahre Kurd, 2010 (44098 Views)
The Relationship of Perceived Social Support, Mental Health and Life Satisfaction in Martyrs and Veterans Students of State University in Gorgan (42371 Views)
The Knowledge and Attitudes of Driving License Trainee of First Aids for the Victims of Road Accidents (41101 Views)
The Relationship between Loneliness and Life Satisfaction of the Elderly in Gorgan and Gonbad Cities (39950 Views)
Nurses Job Stress in Therapeutic Educational Centers in Zanjan (39803 Views)
Comparison of Nurses and Nursing Students' Knowledge and Practice about Prevention and Control of Nosocomial Infection (37931 Views)
The Burden on Cargivers from Hemodialysis Patients and Related Factors (36999 Views)
The Effect of Education Related to Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) on Cognitive Status of Neuropsychological Patients in Panje Azar Hospital in Gorgan (36413 Views)
The Associalion between Praying Related Attitude and Behaviors and Students’ Mental Health (35999 Views)
Eleventh Grade Student’s Attitude based on Health Belief Model (HBM) toward Smoking and it’s Complications in Zahedan. (35433 Views)
A Study on the Effect of the Duration of Subcutaneous Heparin Injection on Bruising and Pain of Panje Azar Hospital in Gorgan,2008 (35272 Views)
Effect of Valsalva maneuver on Some Characteristic of Normal (34962 Views)
Golestan Medical University Students' Mental Health: When They Enter to University and One Year After (34895 Views)
Gender Difference and Emotional Intelligence in Golestan University ‌of Medical Sciences’ Students (34620 Views)
Leisure Time of University Students in Golestan Province (34526 Views)
General Health Status of Neurologic Patients’ Caregivers and The Related Factors (34478 Views)
The Effect of the Training Program about Management of Elders’ Common Problems on the Level of Job Stress in Caregivers of Nursing Homes (34271 Views)
Patients’ Satisfaction from Medical and Nursing Services in Khatam Alanbia Hospital in Iranshahr, 2010 (33929 Views)
The effect of lavender oil inhalation on anxiety and some physiological parameters of open- heart surgery patients (33803 Views)
The Pregnancy and Childbirth Outcome of Adolescent and Young Mothers in Dezyani Hospital of Gorgan, Iran (2008) (33663 Views)
Study Skills in Nursing and Midwifery Students of Golesatn University of Medical Sciences (32823 Views)
Explaining the Happiness Experience of the Students in Golestan University of Medical Sciences (32767 Views)
The Effect of Anxiety Management Skills on Students’ Life Satisfaction in One of the Girls’ High Schools in Gorgan, 2010 (32716 Views)
Evaluation of Oral Health in Primary School Children in Saveh,Iran (32644 Views)
Correlated Factors with Back Pain in Patients after Coronary Angiography (31660 Views)
A Comparision of Blood Glucose Level Measured by Standard Laboratory Procedure with That of Five Glucometer Devices in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus (31598 Views)
Assessment of Diabetes Mellitus type II and some Related Factors among Adult People aged 25-65 Years old in Golestan Province, Iran (31455 Views)
Spouse Abuse among Women Referred to a Health Care Centers in Gorgan, 2008 (30712 Views)
The Effect of Open and Closed Endotracheal Tube Suctioning System on Cardio- respiratory Parameters of Infants Undergoing Mechanical Ventilation (30380 Views)
Investigating of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils Consumption Based on Precede Model Among Families in Khomein and Mahallat (30271 Views)
Relationship between Occupational Stress and Mental Health in Male Personnel of Medical Emergency in Golestan Province (30008 Views)
Arteriovenous Fistula Recirculation and its Relationship with Some Factors in Hemodialysis Patients (29987 Views)
Age of Menarche and its Relationship with Some Factors in the Schoolgirls of Gorgan in 2006 (29666 Views)
Prevalence‌ of Trichomonas Vaginalis Infection Among Women Refered to Laboratories in Zanjan, 2010 (29507 Views)
Distribution of Workload and Efficacy of Nursing Staff in Internal Medicine Ward in a Selected Hospital of Golestan University of Medical Sciences (29398 Views)
People Attitude toward Elderly in Golestan Province , 2009 (29398 Views)
The study of Poisoning in Children Refred to TaleghaniMedical-Educational Centre of Gorgan, 2009 (29118 Views)
Study of Mental health and its Relationship with Family Welfare in Pre-university Students in Salmas City in 2010 (29076 Views)
Challenge in Acceptance of Heamodialysis: A Part of a Grounded Theory (28674 Views)
Academic Under-achievement and Some Related Factors Associated with Academic Satisfaction in Golestan University of Medical Sciences’ Students (28629 Views)
Evaluation of Awareness, Attitude and Practice of Women Referring to Gorgan’s Health Centers about Contraceptive Methods in 2008 (28494 Views)
The Effect of Acupressure on the Fatigue of Patients with Cancer: A Randomized Clinical Trial (28269 Views)
The Perspective of Graduates ‌ on the Performance of Educational Services of Golestan University of Medical Sciences 2007 (28247 Views)
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